We’re familiar with the major things that could be doing damage to your hair (like too many chemical treatments, constant exposure to heat, the list goes on and on) but do you know the little habits you have that are taking a big toll on your delicate locks?

Showering the Wrong Way

Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to shower! Don’t use heat that is too hot because that can do some big damage to your hair. The heat is very drying. The biggest mistake people make when it comes to their showering routine is when it comes to drying off. They use a harsh towel and rub their hair fiercely to dry it off. This causes major damage and breakage, especially because it’s being done on hair that is wet and that’s when hair is most fragile. Instead of rubbing with a towel, lightly press on your hair with a towel to let it absorb the water, or use an old t-shirt. It won’t be as rough and do as much damage as a towel.

Getting Too Much Sun Exposure

The sun can take a huge toll on your hair, even in the colder months. It will fade your hair color, dry out your hair, and lead to split ends. Try wearing a hat or using a hair product that has an SPF in it to protect your beautiful strands.

You Wear a Lot of Tight Styles

Top knots, buns, and high pony tails are in these days but think twice before you pull your hair up in a tight ‘do. Tight hairstyles are no good and lead to damage. The tugging it takes to get your hair up along with the friction of the hair band puts great stress on your hair. Try to wear a looser style or use a fabric coated hair band, like a scrunchie.

Sleeping on a Cotton Pillowcase

You toss and turn a lot when you sleep and all that friction on your hair is no good. Try swapping your cotton pillowcase out for a satin one. It allows your hair to glide around and will cause you a lot less damage (not to mention, you won’t have as much bed head!).

Using Harsh Hair Products

Most hair products on the drugstore shelves contain harsh ingredients that are actually bad for your hair and your body. Look for products that are sulfate and paraben free. Authentically Branded’s entire hair care line is free of harmful products such as sulfate and parabens, and are safe for your hair!


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