The type of business you have will determine the type of content that is shared on your social media pages but no matter what industry you are in, if you want to have the best content, you need to make sure your content meets the 3 I’s: it should be interesting, informative, and inspiring!

With social media sites cracking down on organic likes, you desperately want your fans to share your posts. This gets your post in front of the eyes of their friends and if their friend happens to like or share your post, the reach you get could grow exponentially. Here are some ways to create content that your friends want to share:

Make it Visually Appealing

We are visual creatures and we have short attention spans. Making your content visually appealing makes all the difference. Your post should grab the attention of someone who is quickly scrolling through their newsfeed. Videos have the biggest organic reach so you get the biggest bang if you post a video in comparison to a photo. They tend to be shared more frequently, so you get a greater reach. Check out tools such as WeVideo, CarbonMade, and Powtoon that can help you create and embed video content on your social media sites.


Create a Contest

People love a good, friendly competition. By running a contest, you are sure to get people engaged. Make sure your contests rules are clear and that you have set an attainable goal. It’s best to get into the mind of your consumer for a moment to think what would excite them the most and then revolve your contest around that. For example, if you sell photography services, you could have people enter their child into a “Cutest Kid” contest and encourage people to vote daily. This will give you a high level of engagement and in turn, a high reach.

Provide Added Value

Everyone loves something for free, there’s no getting around it. The good news is that this tip is not just of benefit to your fan; it benefits you too, if done the right way. Offering something of added value to your fan is easy. It could be a newsletter, ebook, webinar, the possibilities are endless. The trick here is in order for your fan to have access to this added value, they must submit their email address to you and then you use that form of contact to provide the content. This allows you to create a database of your customers and allows you to reach them easily in the future. It’s a win-win!

Cover Current Trends

People like to stay “in the know.” So give the people what they want. Posting about current trends, news topics, or things that are upcoming hot trends is a sure fire way to keep your audience excited and engaged in your posts.

What have you posted that got your fans engaged? Is there a specific topic or area of interest that really got them going? Head over here and share your tips with my online community!

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