So, you’ve set up a Facebook page for your business but it’s not taking off. Actually, it’s just kind of sitting there. You’re struggling for likes but you are committed to making it a successful part of your marketing efforts. Well, it’s time for a social media checkup.

There are 4 critical elements that your business Facebook page must have to be successful. Let’s take a look and see if you are missing one of these crucial features.

  1. A Catchy Tagline

When your business has a great tagline, it resonates with your customers. It stays in their heads. It’s something that comes to their mind the moment they think of your business. Nike is a prime example of this and has one of the world’s most famous taglines: Just Do It. Another popular one is for M&Ms: Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. A great tagline is as valuable as the company’s name because they are practically interchangeable.


  1. A Great Bio

Your fans will go to your Facebook bio to learn more about your company. You can view it as your company’s introduction to your fans (customers). Make sure to highlight the best qualities of your business when writing your bio and also keep in mind that your bio should address key selling points for the customer. After all, they are coming to you in hopes you can fulfill their need. You can add key details about awards you have received, special skills or talents you may have, and how your business helps clients. Effective bios convey about 300 words or less.

  1. A Brand-Driven Cover Photo

When your fans click on your page, the first thing they will see is your cover photo, so make it a great one! You should use this space to give a glimpse into your business: promote your products, sales, latest happenings, or upcoming events. You can swap in a new picture as often as you please. New pictures keep things interesting for the fan and will be an attention grabber.

  1. Use the Call to Action Button

This is a very valuable FREE tool on Facebook. You can choose what call to action you want to display. They range from inviting customers to “shop now” to “contact us.” There are a variety of actions to choose from. Once you set it up, this button appears on your cover photo. It’s a great way to guide customers in the direction you want them to go. It can be a very effective tool once you find the best button for your specific page.

Remember, your Facebook page represents your brand, just like your other forms of marketing. Take time to familiarize yourself with Facebook and all of the features it offers. Create a solid base for which your business can grow by following the steps I mentioned above.

I have been very successful at mastering the world that is social media and I am always looking for ways to help others grow their business. My sales have skyrocketed and I have a proven blueprint for success. I’m living the life I’ve always dreamed of and would love to have you do the same. Reach out to me on my Facebook page and I’d be glad to discuss how I can help your business grow!

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