Your mind may be getting some much needed rest but your body can still be put to good use and work for you while you sleep. Here are 10 beauty habits we should all partake in to look refreshed and beautiful the next morning.

  1. Remove your makeup – every last bit!

The most important habit to form is removing all of your makeup before hitting the sack. Make sure to remove any mascara, lipstick, blush…everything! Removing makeup will make sure your pores will be clean and eyes clear of makeup gunk.

  1. Sleep on 2 pillows

Prevent puffiness by elevating your head using 2 pillows. Overnight, gravity will help with lymph and blood flow so fluids don’t gather in your face, especially under your eyes.

  1. Spot treat with a purifying mask

Use a purifying mask to target acne and rosacea pimples. Leaving it on overnight means it has longer contact with your skin, which brings you better results.

  1. Use your humidifier!

Apply a repairing moisturizer and sleep with your humidifier on and you will notice plump, hydrated skin. When your skin is durably hydrated, fine lines will be less visible.

  1. Apply generous amounts of hand cream

Your hands get dried out during the day, especially with hand washing and exposure to dry air. Use the overnight hours to undo some of the damage by applying a thick, greasy hand cream.

  1. Upgrade your pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases can be very rough on your hair and damage the cuticles. Try sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase, which keeps hair healthy by allowing it to slide on the pillowcase.

  1. Pull hair back

Sleeping with hair off of your face will keep dirt and oils away, which can cause acne.

  1. Sleep for 8 hours

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep will help reduce dark circles under your eyes and make you look refreshed and ready for the day.

  1. Use a leave-on exfoliator

Your skin is working hardest to repair itself while you sleep so this is the perfect time to apply a leave-on exfoliator. While it sits, it absorbs and fixes damage that was done to your skin.

  1. Apply eye cream

Use great moisturizers and eye cream at night and your skin will be plump and hydrated in the morning!

What’s the nightly beauty habit that you swear by? Let us know your tricks on our Facebook page.

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